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Coronavirus Update


With the current situation in the UK regarding coronavirus disease (COVID-19) do you need to let your customers know about changes to your daily operations? Have you consider the channels and pages on your website that are appropriate to keep customers up to date?

Changes to consider

You need to let customers know if business details like the following have changed due to the pandemic:

  • Your business hours
  • The services you offer
  • Your phone number e.g. if you're working from home

Simply let us know if you want any of the above amended on your website or if you want to post a blog about how your business is containing the outbreak. There are also additional channels, such as social media, that we'd be happy to take a look at and update. If this additional service is of interest, be sure to ask the question and we can provide additional quotes if necessary.

Your Team at Sonder

As usual, our team are working remotely on your marketing efforts (so little has changed from a working perspective for us) and, in this difficult time, have been keeping isolated as much as possible - touch wood - so far so good for the Sonder team. 

We are keen to replace meetings, where possible, with video calls. We want to keep your marketing on track whilst minimising contact. 

Don't forget we're always at the end of the phone, if you call the office line you'll be able to speak to one of us about any changes you need to your website or your marketing. You can contact us by whatever means suit you best, either by phone or email and the team will look to help you within a timely manner.

Simply let us know if you need a hand - we're just avoiding shaking any for the time being. 

Hoping you all stay healthy,

Team Sonder

Posted on March 17th 2020

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