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Social Media Marketing Services

Navigating the intricate maze of social media can be daunting for any business owner. With constantly evolving algorithms and fleeting trends, maintaining a competitive edge demands a dedicated and strategic approach to social media management.

Do you often view your social media responsibilities as just another box to tick? Find yourself hastily crafting a post after realising your last update was weeks ago? Or perhaps, despite your best efforts, the engagement metrics just don't align with your expectations?

These challenges call for a refined strategy, and that's where Sonder steps in. Our team of marketing experts, well-versed in all social media platforms, will craft a tailored strategy that ensures consistent, engaging content across your channels. 

The average user spends 2 hours and 28 minutes on social media daily.

The Social Shepherd

Sonder's Social Media Services

We work with brands across multiple industries and verticals. Content for social media is our bread and butter - it's what our team excel at. 

Social Media Marketing

Amplify your brand's voice across platforms, turning followers into loyal customers.

Social Media Strategy 

Tailored plans that navigate the digital landscape, ensuring your brand stands out.

Post Design & Scheduling

Crafted visuals paired with timely posts, keeping your audience engaged and informed.

Set Up & Branding

Establishing your digital footprint with a consistent and captivating brand image.

Paid Social Campaigns 

Targeted promotions that drive traffic, boost engagement, and elevate conversions.

Social Media Reporting

Data-driven insights that measure impact, guiding future strategies for optimal results.

Organic Management 

Cultivating genuine connections and growth without the ad spend.

Social Media Consultation

Expert advice to navigate the social sphere, ensuring your brand's optimal online presence.

Lillie Filtness - our head of social media services
Meet Our Social Media Lead

Lillie Filtness

Our social queen! Our creative head of social has crafted hundreds of campaigns for brands of different sizes. 

Lillie takes care of everything - from ensuring your social channels are always active and maintained to coming up with innovative new ways of reaching your dream customers.

Meet the rest of the team →


Social Media Marketing: 
Your questions answered

Should all businesses be on social media?

Well... no. That's a very common question and it's not a one size fits all answer. In our experience, social media can benefit almost every business - but only when it's done well and with clear goals. If you're just 'on' social media to tick the box - it can sometimes even do more harm than good. 

What's the difference between organic and paid?

Organic social is the normal day to day posts you see on your feed. On Facebook for example, it's just doing a standard post on your feed - that's what we call 'organic'. Paid social is where you're turning posts in to adverts or campaigns, where you pay to increase your reach and target certain demographics. Both have an important role in any strategy. 

Do I need to post every day?

Every hour of every day! We joke - no, you certainly don't need to post every day. How often you post is dependent on what you have to say, and who you want to see it. What we will say, is it's important to keep an active profile. There's nothing worse than going to a business profile that last posted a picture of the office dog in 2011.

What platform is right for my business?

You know exactly what we're going to say here, don't you? Entirely depends on the business, the audience and what you have to say. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, X, Threads - all of them require different types of content and have different demographics using them.

What does success look like on social media?

Some examples of the types of goals we often benchmark:

  • Online sales and enquiries 
  • Brand awareness and reach 
  • Building the page following and likes 
  • Engagement 
  • Lead generation 

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