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When the going gets tough, the tough don’t panic buy

But they do wash their hands. It’s times like these that you can either hoard food and lock yourself away in front of Netflix, or you can try and help your community get through this pandemic. We'd like to think the sort of businesses, and indeed people, that we work with have a bit of community spirit. So, as the ideas people, we'd love to share some thoughts. 

The initial panic is subsiding and the best of us are starting to think, how can I help?

Not All Hero’s Wear Capes

We’re tired of seeing photos of empty shelves, the stories that we’re clinging to are companies helping the community, below are some examples we’ve seen – maybe it’ll give you some ideas:

  • Yoga studios closing their classes and making them available for free online
  • Videoconferencing software being given to schools for free
  • Education platforms offering free access codes for kids
  • Schools offering free school meals when they’re closed to the children that qualify 
  • Brew Dog are using their production lines to make free hand sanitiser 
  • Utility companies temporarily not shutting off electric for unpaid bills 
  • Landlords (that can afford it) in Torbay are not charging rent this month
  • Iceland are allocating their first hour in the morning exclusively for elderly and vulnerable shoppers
  • Large companies that can take the strain are offering work to people who have been laid off 
  • Restaurants offering takeaway and sometimes delivery services, especially in rural areas

As a company, hopefully that’s given you some ideas. Here at Sonder, we’re trying to support our clients through this hard time and found tips about how to work from home and setting up video conferencing were the most frequently asked, so we’ve also shared them on our blog.

We’re also offering to spread the payment of a new website for anyone who’s having a lull, stuck at home with the time to create but currently can’t shell out the cash. We’d like to help companies invest this enforced free time into something that will benefit their business either now by selling online through lockdown or when all this is over (whenever that will be).

We're also helping to organise a raffle with a client to raise money for the NHS and helping another client who is developing a line of COVID safe PPE. We are here to help if you need us.

Communities everywhere are supporting local, simple acts like buying gift vouchers for future meals or services to help cash flow can make all the difference to local companies.

Stay home, stay safe and let us know if you need a hand. 

Posted on March 23rd 2020

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