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More people than ever will be attempting to work from home over the coming weeks and months, to try and keep the economy flowing during this pandemic everyone needs to work if they can.

Here at Sonder we always work from home, it’s convenient for us and keeps overheads to a minimum – a cost we then don’t need to pass onto our clients.

So, we thought it might be handy to share some of our top tips on working from home with you.

Rob Swan

Developer Whiz & Coffee Addict

“My top tip for home working is to be flexible so you can make the most of your strengths.

There are points in the day where I find I’m exceptionally productive (8 am-11 am) and stages where I’m pretty useless (3 pm-4:30 pm). Recognize your own personal natural rhythms and build your breaks and plans around them.

Also never underestimate screen breaks - some of my greatest work is done when I’m walking the dog or finishing early for a run.”

Ange Swan

Design, Social & Folk Music Genius

“As a working mum I know how disruptive working from home can be.

My top tip would be to communicate. Talk to your family, tell them your plans, allocate times to give them your full attention, and protect time for work.

Children get bored, and when they get bored, they get disruptive! So be armed with a long list of things they can do and remind them of your protected time with them."

Rob Fellingham

Marketing Guru & Coffee Connoisseur

“My top tip is to have a dedicated office space.

Create a sanctuary, stick to it, be regimented in using it and shut the door when the working day is done.

Don't mix and match where you work, it creates blurred boundaries and is an easy way to lose focus. It’s much healthier mentally to have a space in which you work, focus and produce great results, and a different space to relax and unwind.”

Becky Cockman

Top Decaffeinated SEO Nerd

“My top tip is… have a routine.

Get up, get dressed make yourself a drink, then sit at your desk a little early, check your phone and put it on silent. Imitate what you would do in an office, so you’ll be mentally ready to work.

Whether you dress in your joggers and your desk is in the corner of your lounge or you’re in a shirt and a home office, it’s more about a routine to set your mind up for a day of working.”

So How Can You Work from Home?

Everyone is different, but if you’re finding your new work set up tricky then try out our top tips. You never know, we might all be working from home for the next 6 months so it makes sense to get the best you can out of the situation. If you're missing the sounds of the office, the silence at home can be deafening, try some of these background noise sites.

If you usually have lots of meetings that doesn’t need to change either, check out our blog about Video Conferencing – we’ve put together a short instruction blog on how to get up and running with Google Hangouts so you can keep working with others, whilst keeping a safe distance.

Posted on March 19th 2020

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