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Top 3 Reasons You Don’t Appear in Google

Most Common Website Mistakes

Appearing in Search Engines (Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go etc.) can be a very tricky business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the way marketers amend the on-site, off-site and technical elements to target those all-important Search Engine rankings – but why isn’t it working?

You’re Too Slow

If your website is with us, it has every chance of being fast. However, if you’ve loaded up your site with huge images, video files and other elements which take a long time to load this can affect the optimisation of the site.

When we build your site, we have speed in mind, so we try to avoid the lag that some of these features can create. When you’re thinking about what you’re adding to the pages always consider how big it is and whether you really need it.

Images and videos are great for engagement and you should have a few, but 10 is probably too many. We compress all your images as standard in our CMS, so when you upload them to your site, they’ll be the smallest files we can use to as we try and keep your site speedy.

You’re Aiming Too High

We’re all about reaching for the best you can, but a one-page website isn’t going to rank for the term ‘Amazon’. We encourage you to be realistic.

SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) can be littered with huge companies (and their huge budgets) targeting the keywords that you long for.

It’s not cost-effective for a small business to take on these big hitters head-on, target your niche where they aren’t, go for localisms they don’t know about and aim for keywords with a smaller volume – #1 for 100 searches is more valuable than #91 for 100,000 searches (have you ever seen page 10 of a Google result?).

Your House Isn’t in Order

Your website needs to have these core elements to have a chance of ranking in the SERPs:

  • Quality Content: Original, useful and a good amount of content on each page of your website.
  • Meta: Titles and descriptions for your pages need to be well written and put in Meta.
  • Structure: Headings in order (1, 2, 3) with paragraphs of text and bullet points, bold and italics used where appropriate.
  • Media: Images, GIFs or videos on pages to make the content seem more varied and engaging and using alt tags.

Not Sure How To Fix This?

Don’t panic, we’ve got this. We can work on your SEO if you take on one of our SEO packages and chip away at your optimisation. If you’re keen to get ranking as soon as possible, we’d recommend taking out a larger package so we can get your site optimised quickly.

SEO is a race, not a sprint, so we always format this service as a monthly retainer to obtain the best results. If you have an SEO retainer with us we’ll monitor your site for penalties and effects from algorithm changes, then act on these to prevent loss of visibility.

Posted on April 6th 2020

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