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I've launched my website but no-one is coming to it. Why?

Identifying common reasons for your website failing to attract visitors...and then providing solutions.

Web traffic

Here’s the dilemma; you’ve launched a beautiful new website. You’ve spent hours crafting informative, page-filling content, and the design and graphics are so sharp your customers might be advised to wear sunglasses before landing on the homepage.

It seems as though you’ve done everything right, but somehow your website traffic data paints an altogether different picture.

So, what on earth is going wrong? 

If this story sounds all too familiar, and your new website just isn’t attracting the kind of attention you might have hoped for, there might be some critical areas you’ve overlooked that need immediate remedy. 

Let’s dive in and see if we can find the problem.

SEO strategy

Sharpen up your SEO

Ah, our old friend SEO. I might’ve known. As much as we grumble about Google’s seemingly merciless grip on all things internet, the ubiquitous search engine still remains the most effective source of free traffic.

If the singular aim of your company’s website is to soar high into Google’s Page rankings, preferably landing within the top 10 results when a user bashes in a relevant keyword, then your SEO strategy needs to be a thing magisterial beauty…but this is no easy task. 

To improve your chances of ranking high in search engines, there are several steps you can take to push the odds forever in your favour. From setting up XML sitemaps, to installing SEO plugins to monitor and improve your site’s performance. Chief on the list, however, should be filling your pages with premium-quality, keyword-friendly content.

Content is king.

Do you even backlink, bro?

Backlinks are an often undervalued commodity when it comes to search rankings, but they’re a major force that will help supercharge your ascent up the SERPs. 

You’ll find that in most cases, the common link between the top three ranked pages from a search result is that they will all have high-quality links directing browsers to them. In simple terms, that means the domain is stacked with authority and the website contains a litany of heavy-hitting backlinks from reputable sources and industry mainstays.

If you’ve not considered link building as a part of your SEO strategy until now, it’s likely you won’t have any…so it’s time to devise an outreach plan and start sourcing some top tier endorsement.


Your keyword strategy is kaput

The more frequently a keyword gets entered into a search engine, the more likely it becomes a target for industry leaders. The net result being that your battle with competitors to achieve a high search engine ranking becomes that much more fierce. 

You could rattle out Pulitzer Prize-winning content for your web pages, and there would be no assurances that your site is going to rank accordingly, such is the coldness of a search engine’s pitiless cyborg heart. So, choose your keywords wisely, and form a strategy that’s not overly dependent on overused search terms.

Content catastrophe 

Content is the lifeblood of your website and the reason visitors will stick around on your pages long after they’ve clicked. 

If you’ve gotten into the habit of spewing out half-baked, poorly-constructed blog posts, no right-minded individual is going to invest their time in your business…and less likely still to indulge in a second visit. Your marketing strategy could be straight out of Harvard Business School, but if your content game is weak, your traffic will suffer the consequences.

It’s one thing driving traffic towards your site, another altogether compelling them to engage with your content and, importantly, investigate your products and services.

So, to reiterate, high-quality content is king.

Promote your website

Promote yourself!

If you stick to the task of generating a good quality blog post every week, chances are you’ll see a steady flow of organic traffic filtering into your website. Visitors are enjoying what you’re throwing down, and all's right with the world. No need to change a winning formula, right? 

If only it were that simple. Few things are certain in the world of blogging, and a publish and pray strategy will only get you so far if you’re looking to create a sustainable following, or better yet, attract new visitors to your site. 

Promotion is key. Without some active method of directing fresh eyes to your blog posts and articles, the hope of miraculously finding an audience is about as likely as if you handwrote your content and posted it on a village noticeboard. Sure, you’ll get some foot traffic that might stumble across your work on the way to the greengrocers, but there must be a more effective way of finding your public. 

Use whatever tools you have at your disposal; whether it’s social media channels or paid adverts, you need to promote your golden material!

Your headlines aren't hitting

Headlines are the first thing that pops into an internet user’s eyeline before they make the brilliant decision to visit your website, but if they aren’t alluringly clickable enough, no-one is going to take the next step. No matter how high on the SERPs you find yourself, and how many times your post has been shared on social media channels, if the headline pie isn’t tempting enough, they’re not going to take a bite. No clicks, no traffic.


User experience issues

If you've noticed a downturn in traffic, or the traffic hasn’t arrived in the first place, it could be that the user experience for your website is prohibitively bad. If your site isn’t user-friendly, no one will think to visit again, regardless of how great your content is.

Here's the additional kicker. You might have published a highly-informative post that your customer would find useful, but if the UX is lacking they’ll likely go to a competitor for the same information. Your loss could be a rival’s gain. User experience is everything.

Your social media has gone stale

Social media has emerged as a key traffic generator in the last decade or so, and establishing organic contact with your followers is a great way to boost footfall to your website.

If you can cultivate a sizable following on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, one engaging post that pushes just the right buttons with your audience can turn into hundreds of website visits.

If you abandon the shop, however, and allow your social media platforms to collect virtual dust, or just use them simply as a dumping ground for scheduled promotional posts, chances are no one is going to engage with your business.

How can we help?

Directing traffic to your new website isn’t always the most straightforward of tasks—and, as you can surmise from the list above, there are a number of factors to consider. Luckily for you and your business, here at Sonder, not only to do we create *chef’s kiss* exquisite websites, we also have a crack team of SEO specialists, content writers and social media whizzes to help ensure, once built, you’ll actually get some visitors to your site to see what all the fuss is about. If you’d like to find out more about our brilliant SEO packages, and see how we can get traffic moving for your website, why not get in touch?

Posted on June 14th 2022

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