Total Hardscapes

Brochure Website Design, Copywriting and Logo Design.

Client: Total Hardscapes

Total Hardscapes, as their name would suggest, cater to any and all hardscaping needs; from a small garden patio to a large feature wall.

They came to us for the design of a small brochure website, logo and copywriting. Due to their 15 years of experience, we were tasked with making sure their professionalism was reflected in their website and it's design

We have also since added links to their Instagram and several informative pages, all of which are SEO-optimised.

Website: Brochure


Bespoke Website Design

This site enjoys attractive branding, which is clean and sophisticated. There are several informative pages, which all link back to the 'contact' page, in order to entice users to make contact and start the order process. 

Logo Design

We provided them with a logo which is also of a sophisticated aesthetic, ensuring they maintain their brand image throughout their site. We took their brief and gave Total Hardscapes several options to choose from, allowing them to have total confidence in the logo that they have selected. 


We have ensured that we have developed a suitable tone of voice for this website, one which inspires confidence in the company and their products. We have implemented this tone of voice throughout this website, as well as SEO-optimising all copy. This has given Total Hardscapes an outstanding digital presence. 

Social Media Integration

We have added an Instagram link in the form of a button at the bottom of the footer, allowing for users to go directly to Total Hardscape's Instagram. 


We would generally be given a brief from Total Hardscapes about what they wanted in their copy. From this, we would write engaging text, ensuring to keep to a suitable tone of voice as applicable to their industry and expertise. 

Logo Design

We designed Total Hardscape's logo based off of the brief that they gave us. We then came up with several images that they could choose from. This would ensure that they had a logo that would reflect their brand and their ethos perfectly. 

We are always happy to make tweaks to existing or draft logos as well, as we understand their importance!

Website Design

We design and build websites from scratch, as well as maintaining them and constantly making changes, to ensure they are fully SEO optimised and enticing users to become customers.

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