So Sophie

E-Commerce Website Design and Customer Relationship Module (CRM).

Client: So Sophie

The design of this website is so Sophie! This e-commerce site has a huge array of fantastic products to reflect the huge stock in the shop. Sophie needed a website to transition from one physical storefront and open up to a wider audience online. We recommended a professional photographer, planned the structure of the site and built it around Sophie's existing branding.

The easy to update products module means Sophie can add stock levels so when sold they are automatically removed, add new products as and when they arrive and continue to sell through the various lockdowns we’ve lived through.

Website: E-Commerce


Bespoke Website Design

With a clear design already in mind, it was wonderful to work with Sophie to create her vision of the perfect So Sophie website. The navigation features a series of dropdowns as there are so many product categories for this site. Product pages can be sorted by price or popularity and refined by category and price, so the shopping experience is simple and enjoyable for the customer. 

Advanced E-Commerce Module

The E-commerce module is easy to use and this site utilises discount vouchers, tiered shipping prices and inventory management. The mobile optimised checkout ensures that customers can shop on any device.


With regular events available at the hotel and in the community, they needed one place to show all these events. The event listings for this site have the option of linking through to all the information on an event page or for the listing in the What’s On area to link to another website for external events.

Order Tracking

Orders are marked as dispatched through the system, invoices are emailed automatically to customers from the CRM and the order status can be edited manually. 

Secure Payment Gateway

Their payment gateways are Stripe and PayPal.

CRM Module

Ideal for storing customer addresses, phone numbers, notes and sales history. The Customer Relationship Management module also provides integrated invoice management and advanced quotation building. There’s a timeline which combines all emails, text messages, newsletters, notes and customer events so the client can see the entire conversation history with each customer or lead.

Advanced Product Customisation

All our websites enjoy unlimited products, advanced product variations and a drag and drop sorting in the CMS. Products that fit into more than one category are linked to without needing a copy (avoiding a duplication issues for SEO).


Stock is always changing, so in order to clear out the older items, there’s a simple Clearance section on the site, which Sophie can drag and drop items into then add a new, lower price. Creating a sale has never been so easy!

Social Media Integration

Social media channels are associated with the CMS (for SEO) and buttons to share and like are available as blocks to be added to any page as well as featuring in the header. 

Website client So Sophie founder, Sophie

Looking for a reliable friendly team to build your website for you? Well look no further than Sonder Digital, from the initial meeting to the website launch the team at Sonder Digital were on hand to guide me every step of the way. Enabling my vision for an e-commerce website to come to life. Their professionalism and attention to detail has been incredible. The team are always on hand to answer any queries I have and are always more than happy to add any amendments I might need.

Sophie, So Sophie

Sonder web client, So Sophie
So Sophie shop display
So Sophie product on display in store
Website client So Sophie
Sonder Digital client, So Sophie
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