Primary Sports

Responsive Full-Width Website Design & Content Management.

Client: Primary Sports

Primary Sports is a brochure website used to promote a wide range of high standard sport-related services within Primary Schools. The website was redesigned in 2019 to ensure it continued to represent their growing business. The website provision also included ensuring that embedded videos were accessible from within school networks where YouTube is typically blocked.

The website also features client-specific downloads in a secure area so that individual schools can access information specific to their own provision.

Website: Brochure


Bespoke Website Design

This site needed to be really user-friendly school website for busy education providers to access the information they need quickly. A brightly coloured design and considered sitemap offers the agility the site needed.

Member Area

The site is an information centre for schools, so they needed a member area so they could provide the right information to the right people. A simple login page leads to a wealth of content, especially for primary schools.

Accessible Video

So many schools block websites like YouTube and Vimeo to prevent misuse of school equipment. As a main target audience for the videos on this website are likely to be using a school computer, all of the videos needed to be set up within the site to allow them to play. 

Primary Sports website on mobile
Primary Sports website on desktop
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