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E-Commerce Website Design, Advanced E-commerce Sales Statistics and Marketing.

Client: Oleo Bodycare

Oleo Bodycare sell a range of award-winning and effective bodycare products all locally made in Dorset. We directed Oleo Bodycare towards a local photographer to provide both product and lifestyle shots and designed and built a new website around those images.

The site allows founder Olivia Chapman to sell her products online, and features product reviews, secure payments and order tracking. 

We've also provided an array of online marketing services including email newsletters, social media competitions, and content writing.

Website: E-Commerce and Online Marketing


Advanced E-Commerce Module

The E-commerce module is easy to use and this site utilises a customised checkout, discount vouchers, tiered shipping prices, inventory management and integrates with their payment gateway. The mobile optimised checkout ensures that customers can shop on any device.

Customised Customer Relationship Management Module

The CRM is a great tool to store customer addresses, notes about your customers, sales history reporting, integrated invoice management and advanced quotation building. There’s a timeline which combines all emails, text messages, newsletters, notes and customer events into a timeline so they can see the entire conversation history with a customer or lead.

Bespoke Website Design

The Oleo website is always evolving with the changing products and sales available. The website design is perfect for the homemade, vegan, cruelty free products that Olivia makes.

Sales and Promotions

There are regular sales and promotions on the site, so is a huge header image section on the homepage to allow for maximum exposure, complimented by a thing banner below the navigation to advertise the sale throughout the website.

Email Newsletter Sign Up

Mostly aimed at a location-based audience, the Oleo newsletter is a key part of the digital marketing plan for the business. It’s important to ensure a flow of new recipients so their newsletter sign up functionality is prominent across the site. It integrates with their MailChimp account to send subscribers directly to their list.

Secure Payment Gateway

Their payment gateways are Stripe and PayPal. A simple checkout experience helps Oleo achieve their high sales numbers.

Order Tracking

Orders are marked as dispatched through the system, invoices are emailed automatically to customers from the CRM and the order status can be edited manually.

Social Media Integration

Social media channels are associated with the CMS (for SEO) and buttons to share and like are available as blocks to be added to any page.

Product Review Integration

The site is designed to show off the customer satisfaction levels for these products, so customers can review the products directly through the website.

Advanced Product Customisation

The CMS allows unlimited products, advanced product variations and a drag and drop sorting in the back end. Products that fit into more than one category are linked to without needed a copy (avoiding a duplication issues for SEO).

Social Media

We manage the accounts for Oleo on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. This includes all the unique artwork, text content and bespoke hashtags for regular posts, boosted posts and paid adverts.


The sales are an important part of the Oleo business so we regularly create sales from idea to implementation and through to remarketing.


We design and write the email newsletters that are sent out to previous customers and those that have signed up for newsletters on the website.


The blog module is built to be editable by the website owner, but we manage the blog for Oleo from concept to copywriting and design.

Olivia, founder of Oleo Bodycare

I have had the pleasure of using Sonder Digital for quite a while now. The whole team seem to be able to cover every eventuality - from geekish technical stuff, design, social media and any problem that might arise. Whether contact is made by email or over the phone, their response is always speedy and they are great people to do business with. I guess the bottom line is that since using Sonder, my sales have rocketed. Definitely recommend.

Olivia Chapman, oleo bodycare

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