Hope For Kids

E-Commerce Website Design and Customer Relationship Module (CRM).

Client: Hope For Kids

A worthy charity sending money overseas to children that need it, Hope For Kids wanted a website where doners could select what they would like their money to buy for the children supported by the charity.

The website needed to offer the capacity to purchase donatable items like an ecommerce website, whilst being tailored to a charity. Once they fell in love with their new website, they decided to invest in ongoing SEO so that more people would be able to find it.

Website: E-Commerce


Bespoke Website Design

This website is for a charity, so the site is encouraging people to donate to this worthy cause. Using imagery of the kids that the charity supports and careful messaging about how this will help their future was integral to the design.

Advanced E-Commerce Module

Instead of blind donations, the ‘shop’ portion of the site allows people to decide how they would like their money to be spent on the kids. The E-commerce module is easy to use and this site utilises discount vouchers, tiered shipping prices and inventory management. The system integrates with their payment gateway. The mobile optimised checkout ensures that customers can shop on any device.

Customer Relationship Management Module

The CRM is perfect for storing customer addresses, phone numbers, notes and sales history. It also provides integrated invoice management. There’s a timeline which combines all emails, text messages, newsletters, notes and events so they can see the entire conversation history with each donator.

Social Media Integration

Their Facebook account is associated with the CMS (for SEO).

Secure Payment Gateway

Their payment gateway is Stripe.

Advanced Product Customisation

All our websites enjoy unlimited products, advanced product variations and a drag and drop sorting in the CMS. Products that fit into more than one category are linked to without needing a copy (avoiding a duplication issues for SEO).

Ongoing SEO

With the monthly SEO retainer, we keep an eye on trends, new terms and any competitors who have upped their game. By continuous monitoring and adjustments, we not only maintain the rankings for this site but gradually bring them up the results which brings in more organic traffic. 

Sonder web client Hope For Kids
Hope For Kids, a Sonder web client
Website client Hope For Kids
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