Bespoke Brochure Website Design and SEO.

Client: Evergreen

The Evergreen brand is a combination of renewable energy products, electrical and plumbing services. Such an array of products and services are all linked by their eco-friendly standpoint.

Evergreen wanted a website which could showcase each of these areas side by side and to be optimised for organic traffic. As SEO experts we were able to guide them through structuring a website for search and creating content that people were looking for related to their offering.

Website: Brochure Website


Bespoke Website Design

Using their bright branding, we created an eye catching and easy to navigate website for the slightly complicated products offered by Evergreen. The main challenge of designing this website is the variety of services all offered under one umbrella, but by dividing up the site and providing layman descriptions we’ve bridged the gap for them to get new customers. 

Designed for SEO

With such a varied offering this site needed to have distinct sections and optimisation for a real array of terms. To compete with electrician and plumbing specific websites, this combination website had to be set up with the challenge ahead in mind.

Ongoing SEO

With the monthly SEO retainer we keep an eye on trends, new terms and any competitors who have upped their game. By continuous monitoring and adjustments we not only maintain the rankings for this site but gradually bring them up the results which brings in more organic traffic. 

Website client Evergreen
Website design for Evergreen
Website Client Evergreen
Sonder web client, Evergreen
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