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Client: Creative Solutions Direct

Creative Solutions needed an advanced e-commerce site capable of selling their wide range of exhibition, print and signage products. With hundreds of products, it's a diverse and multi-functional website.

The site has an integrated file upload system, integrated payment gateway, and a customised Customer Relationship Manager that allows them to track orders through the CMS. From a marketing and analytics perspective, the website is fully integrated with Google AdWords to allow advanced PPC advertising, as well as remarketing and social media remarketing. 

Website: E-Commerce


Customised Customer Relationship Management Module

Keeping track of customer addresses, notes, sales history, integrated invoice management and advanced quotation building is easy with our CMS behind the site. There is even a timeline which combines all of the emails, text messages, newsletters, notes and events for each customer, so you can easily see all communications in chronological order.

Bespoke Website Design

This site enjoys a really bright, striking branding which helps it to stand out in a very competitive market. The website is colourful and memorable. With the thousands of products on the site we’re always creating new content blocks and lay outs to help Creative Solutions get all the relevant information on the site in a visually engaging way.

Advanced E-Commerce Module

Featuring a customised checkout, tiered shipping prices, discount and prepay vouchers, inventory management and a mobile optimised responsivity, this module has everything Creative need to keep their sales volume high.

Artwork Uploader

Customers often need to submit their own artwork for the products that they have purchased. It’s key for the quality of the end product that they can upload their highest quality designs quickly and simply, either at checkout or after.

Email Newsletter Sign Up

Creative have a newsletter sign up in their footer, so it’s always available for people to keep up to date with the company’s promotions and new product lines. The sign up form integrates directly with MailChimp.

Social Media Integration

Social media channels are associated with the CMS (for SEO) and buttons to share and like are available as blocks to be added to any page. A Facebook pixel also allows adverts to be presented to people who have visited the website whilst they are on Facebook.

Secure Payment Gateway

Their payment gateway is Sage Pay and the checkout, although complicated by necessity, allows all the required information to be captured for an order to be processed fully without contact with the customer.

Order Tracking

Customer orders are trackable through the system so it’s clear what needs to be dispatched. Confirmations, invoices and post sales information are emailed automatically to customers from the CRM and the order status can be edited manually.

Live Chat Function

The fast-paced nature of the Creative Solutions business means that a live chat option was needed, so customers can quickly and easily get their questions answered and then place their orders online.

Third Party Review Integration

Trustpilot are the only review site worth their salt in this niche, so we’ve integrated the product trust pilot reviews into product pages – so there’s no need to go offsite to see the reviews of how awesome these products are, we all know as soon as they are off site it can be hard to get them back.


This website ranks very well, we’ve been working with them for more years than we care to think about. The site is constantly updated with new products and we work on various other digital marketing activities which all feed into the overall optimisation of the site.


We design and write the email newsletters that promote new product ranges and sales for Creative, using their striking branding and targeting a large list of contacts. 

Social Media

We manage all the social platforms that Creative operate on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… ?. We post about day to day activity from the business which they feed us through a What’s App group, we post about the newsletters and blogs which we create too. We also interact with customers on their behalf, directing people to the sales email or answering their queries.


In the form of Case Studies, we get the details and images from Creative then write up their case studies for them in a story format from start to finish, then upload to the CMS and design their pages in a consistent theme.

Website client Creative Solutions Direct Co-Director, Jedd Whittington

We have been using Open Door Internet’s services for the past 10 years and they have always given us the best service available.

When problems have been encountered (as they inevitably are with technology and websites!) the service that we have received has been first class resulting in minimal downtime and any issues being sorted well within acceptable time scales.

Jedd whittington, creative solutions direct

A Sonder Digital website client, Creative Solutions Direct
Website client Creative Solutions Direct
Web design for Creative Solutions Direct by Sonder Digital
Creative Solutions Direct, a Sonder Digital website client
Web design for Creative Solutions
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