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Client: Coffee Pods

Coffee Pods needed a top-to-bottom website design with a highly advanced ecommerce module, due to the need for subscription orders, automatic charges off the back of these subscriptions, and functions to support users managing their own subscriptions. This was a complex ecommerce module, but one which now works extremely efficiently.

Custom pricing can also be set via the CMS, as bespoke trade pricing was essential for this particular project. Customer relationships can be seamlessly managed, allowing for remarketing and retargeting via social media and newsletters.  

We also create SEO-optimised content such as blogs and website copy, which improves Google ranking and supports conversions. 

Website: E-Commerce


Customised Customer Relationship Management Module

You can view all customer interactions via the CMS, as there is a timeline which combines all of the emails, text messages, newsletters, notes and events for every customer. This allows you to precisely track your customer relationships easily and in one place. 

Bespoke Website Design

Coffee Pods have a chic and slick brand image, with easy navigation for users in order to maximise conversions. They boast a consistent colour scheme and elegant logo, which enhances the brand and adds to their credibility and reputation. 

Advanced E-Commerce Module

Coffee pods have a customised checkout, the ability to add discounts and special offers, basket self-management for the customer, and a mobile optimised responsivity- so essentially everything that makes up an effective e-Commerce site. Not only this, but we have also implemented a subscription-based order system which uses direct debit, as well as enabling bespoke trade pricing within the CMS. 

Email Newsletter Sign Up

Coffee Pods have a newsletter sign-up in their footer, so it is easy to sign up for updates and exclusive offers to come straight into a customer's email. This is a MailChimp integration, meaning all of the input is done for you.

Social Media Integration

The links directly through to social media can be placed on any page, so we have included these throughout Coffee Pod's website.  We also have added in a Facebook pixel, which enables adverts to be presented to people who have visited the website previously (while they are using Facebook).

Secure Payment Gateway

Their payment gateway is Sage Pay and checkout is safe and simple, gathering all the necessary information from customers in order to secure a purchase. 

Order Tracking

Customer orders are trackable through the system so it’s clear what needs to be dispatched and what communication has led up to the order. All of the necessary confirmations, invoices, and post sales information are emailed automatically to customers.

Members Area

We have developed a members area within the Coffee Pods website, behind a log-in, where customers can manage their accounts and subscriptions easily and effectively. 


We have built this website from the ground-up back in 2020 and are continuing to foster a great reputation and good rankings within a very crowded market. 

Website Design

We have developed this beautiful website for Mark, ensuring it is useable and efficient despite its complex concept. 

Social Media

We are responsible for social media advertising, which is essential for consolidating a loyal customer base- as well as acquiring new customers. 


In terms of blogs, we get the brief from Coffee Pods, as well as the images.  We then craft the blogs, write up the content, ensure it is SEO optimised, and upload them into the CMS in a visually pleasing format.

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