Bespoke Brochure Website Design and Implementation of External Booking Engine.

Client: CitySpace

CitySpace approached us with a brief to use their existing design and branding guidelines to promote their new range of hotels, flexible working spaces, and takeaway cafes. The challenge was to incorporate the three very distinct elements within one uniform website design.

The website has been built with fast growth in mind as the CitySpace group is set to add additional locations rapidly and regularly.

Website:  Brochure Website


Bespoke Website Design

A header video with shaky cam immediately gives you a feel for what CitySpace is like, as a company and as a product. The light hearted, friendly design of this site reflects the ethos of the business, and the layout is set up in such a was as to allow for the new parts of the site to come, when those new facilities have been developed.


We usually develop some or all of the branding as part of the website, but with strict branding guidelines already available for CitySpace we worked within the constrains of their existing design choices to create a visually interesting and easy to browse site.

Integration with Online boooking System

Anyone who has built or worked on a hotel website knows that one of the most key elements is integrating seamlessly with their chosen PMS (property management system). The online arm of that system, which feeds the booking taken online back into their system without double booking any rooms or needing to allocate rooms to online or over the phone bookings. We do have an online and on site booking system (PMS) of our own, but for this project we have integrated with their existing system to offer a seamless user and staff experience for all their bookings.

Custom Google Maps

They had a specific look in mind for their maps, which is an aesthetic choice for the site, but we realised you would need this to be a custom google map so that the user can functionally use it to navigate to their destination.

Social Media Integration

Buttons to share and like are available as blocks to be added to any page. The URLs are associated with the account in the CMS for SEO purposes.

Secure Payment Gateway

Their payment gateway is Stripe. Checking out is an easy experience with simple, secure checkout.


This website has a reasonable amount of content to optimise but the landscape is competitive. With all the right technical work complete there’s an ongoing system of updates but this page does enjoy good visibility thanks to those efforts.

Social Media Ads

We run the social advertising for CitySpace to attract new customers and entice old ones to rebook.  

Google Ads

Advertising with Google to the people who are already looking for your services or via the Google partners network is a great way to get new business leads.

Client CitySpace Logo

Sonder Digital have designed and continue to host our website. They have understood very well our needs and managed to balance what would otherwise have been a pretty complex user journey. It is streamlined, concise and on brand. Their customer service is fantastic, you will always find a team member on hand to assist. We have worked with Sonder Digital now for over a year and have had consistently good service. Would highly recommend!


Website client CitySpace
Website design for CitySpace
A Sonder Digital Website client, CitySpace
Web design for CitySpace by Sonder Digital
Specialised website design for CitySpace
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