Lockdown 2.0: How Online Marketing Can Help You

As we enter a second lockdown, which is potentially not the last, businesses which are making the most of their online opportunities will be the ones who succeed through these trying times. 

Current Situation

The pandemic has caused a global social and economic disruption, including the largest global recession since the Great Depression. It has led to postponing or cancelling many sporting, religious, political, and cultural events. We have also seen supply shortages exacerbated by panic-buying. 

Recommended preventive measures have not been able to keep the cases down in the UK so on Thursday 5th November we enter a second national lockdown to try to contain the spread of this virus. The new lockdown version does not include schools and many more businesses will be offering adjusted services rather than closing. 

How Your Business Can Survive Lockdown 2.0

When physical distance and business closures are enforced, everything digital has it's time to shine. 

The first lockdown saw floods of businesses take their previously offline business to the internet, starting a website, selling online or simply using the time to market their primarily physical business ready for reopening once restrictions were eased. 

How digital marketing can help you:


If you're selling something which could be sold online, you will benefit the most from creating an e-commerce website or, if you already have one, investing this time in better online marketing strategies to compensate for any offline activity you can no longer utlise.

Search engine optimisation is perfect for this type of business. 


You might be a tutor who can offer their service via Zoom, or a IT team that offers onsite installation that will have to wait. Either way you can create a brochure site or enhance your marketing strategy to entice new business and build your customer base during lockdown. If you can't offer your service now neither can your competition, so secure the business and prepare for a busy December.

Personal Care

This is the most tricky. Last lockdown this type of service was one of the latest to be allowed to return to work and the restrictions were much greater - for obvious reasons.

Hair dressers and beauticians usually have a strong relationship with their customer base, use your lockdown to enhance this relationship with social media marketing and emails.

No matter what you are offering or whether you have a website or not, now is the perfect time to review what you have and work out what you need. We can help.

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Prepare to Pivot

Now that we're entering a second lockdown, we urge you to pivot your services to keep your business afloat. 

During the first lockdown we saw restaurants turn into takeaways and shops offer delivery services. There were offline services changing their business into a plethora of online resources and plenty of Zoom classes for every type of exercise. 

Then there were businesses who stuck their head in the sand and waited out the storm. We now enter a second lockdown and those who worked to adjust last time will be in a great position to work through this latest lockdown. 

If you moved to online, why not do it better this time? Hone your digital marketing to reach new customers and clients. If you previously avoided getting your business online, this may not be the last lockdown and they're already discussing having to extend it. Now is the time to pivot.

Here's a few things you might not have thought about:

Keep Up

We have seen the guidance change again and again, we've seen decisions come in unexpectedly early (and late!). By this point, we shouldn't have to remind you that you need to be ready to change in response to new information as quickly as possible. 


You have some time away from the public, so consider how you could improve your social distancing in store or make the cleaning regime more efficient to save your staff time each day once you can reopen. 


Your old reviews don't mean as much anymore, for most business types people want to know how safe they have been during the pandemic. Here are some great online review sites to push for reviews on. Your overall rating still matters, and with time on your hands here's some tips on how to handle negative reviews.

Keep Calm And Wash Your Hands

If you would like any advice about your marketing during this second lockdown feel free to reach out. We've had to pivot our own business several times this year, so we're pretty good with ideas.

We are experts in all things digital marketing, so whatever your specific area or industry is we have a few tricks up our sleeves. 

Feel free to get in touch for advice on how your business can navigate lockdown 2.0 and make it out the other side. 

Posted by Becky Cockman on November 2nd 2020

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