How long does it take for my new website to show in Google?

The Googlebot Needs To Crawl Your Website In Order To Show On Google

My new website has just launched and is finally live! But I've just checked and can't see it on Google, what's gone wrong? A common question we have with our clients when we launch new websites, how long will it take to show up in Google? The short answer is not straight away - it can take anything from 24 hours to weeks. But there are some things we can do to help Google along the way....

Googlebot, crawling and indexing

Three steps to getting your website listed! In order to get your website to show up on Google, the aptly named Googlebot needs to find and 'crawl' your website. What that means, is Google uses its own search software to collect information on your website and find out what it's all about. The indexing is just the information it takes from that - indexing is taking the words and images on the website and putting it in to its own filing system. 

So why doesn't this happen straight away? The webmaster (whoever built the website) needs to create and submit a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools, which basically says to Google to 'look here, we have something new!'. If you work with us, we do all of that for you so you don't need to worry. Once that's been submitted, it's normally not too long before Google will show your website in it's results. 

Can I do anything to speed up the process?

In the meantime, Google takes into account how many different websites are linking to your website to decide how important it is and whether to prioritise it or not (bearing in mind they have billions of websites to crawl every day!). Being a brand new website, it's unlikely you'll have any links just yet. What you can do is to update all of your social profiles and make sure the new website is included and linked to in any relevant places. The sooner you can get relevant and useful links from other websites, the faster you'll rise up the rankings.

You can check to see if Google has listed your website by searching by putting 'site:' before your web address, (eg If different pages of your website show in the results, it means Google has successfully crawled your site. 

At Open Door Internet, we recommend waiting at least a week to see if your website is listed on Google. It may be quicker, but it could be slower! Once your website is listed on Google, you'll start getting traffic to the site and you can share your website with the world.

Posted on April 6th 2017

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