5 Reasons To Use Google Analytics

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Google Analytics - All The Data You Need

So you've got a great looking website and as far as you can tell everything is fine. You and your staff use it most days and no one has any issues with it, so it must be working well. Right?

According to builtwith.com, nearly 30 million websites are using Google Analytics - and with good reason too! When working with clients one of the very first questions we ask is 'what is the goal of this website?', and this serves as a guide for everything we do. A website might be the best looking set of pages on the internet, but if the user doesn't do what you expect them to do you're not going to achieve results. Step forward Google Analytics!

1. See where your visitors are coming from

How are your potential customers finding you? It could be Google search results, social media, an online directory like Yelp or maybe they're typing your address straight in to the search bar. It's vital to have a grasp of where your biggest sources of traffic are arriving from, helping you to optimise different marketing channels and allocate resources accordingly. 

2. Reveal your best performing content

It can be fascinating to see what customers are actually looking at on your website. It's important to try and set a clear pathway to guide your user around, and with Google Analytics you can see exactly what pages are being looked at and for how long. It could be that the navigation isn't clear enough or that people aren't finding your best pages, Analytics helps to visually show what's working well, allowing you to make improvements where necessary.

3. See where people are dropping out

One of the most vital pieces of information that every website owner needs to know. Does your website have a multi-step shopping basket? It could be that potential buyers are consistently dropping out at the same checkout point and it needs to made more shopping friendly. Analytics can highlight pages with a high exit rate, allowing you to hone in on exactly what pages need improving.

4. Find out what keywords are leading people to your site.

As a site owner, you know better than anyone what your website is all about. Relaying that message to Google so they can show your website for those keywords is the basis of SEO, but what if it's not what you expect? Google Analytics can churn out the keyword data you need to see exactly how customers are finding you. 

5. Reports can be customised to your needs

Analytics is a huge data hub and at first impression, it can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, it's all set up to allow you to have custom reports that let you cherry pick the data you need. Businesses can then use these reports to focus on goals and getting the most out of the website.

Sonder Digital provides a range of services in digital marketing and help business track what is working well on their website. If you would like any assistance with Google Analytics, get in touch for an informal discussion.

Posted on February 15th 2017

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