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Why I Joined Sonder

It's been a month now since I came on board the Sonder Digital train!
But you may be wondering; why did I join?

Jack Turner
Marketing Executive

Our wonderful new recruit JT tells you all about why he joined the team.

In the first steps in my career, I was assigned the task of designing three websites, something I had never done before. Once I got started on the project, I quickly developed a real enthusiasm for the task at hand. It was, and still is, one of my proudest achievements and one of the best projects that I had the pleasure of working on.

I didn’t think then to pursue a career more specifically focused on web development and design, but when I came across the vacancy for Sonder, I knew that I had to apply! Not only would I be pursuing a career more focused on work that I had previously enjoyed, but the company and the team seemed (and have proven to be) real, honest and approachable. This is clear to see through the ‘The Team Behind Your Team’ section on the Sonder website and was clearly shown when I meet everyone in person. I think this is a very refreshing approach from your typical, super formal, cooperate agency that you tend to come across.

As well as the refreshing nature of the company, they are also forward-thinking. Notably with the position being full-time working from home. A definite plus for myself and in my opinion, a great environment to focus on a working day with little distractions.

Fortunately, I was very lucky (and hopefully, deserving!) to receive an offer to join the Sonder team. Now, since working here for my first month, I know I was right to make that decision. I have really enjoyed working with and getting to know the team and look forward to continuing doing so.

We’ve also already had a great time during a work social, where we had a fun and successful time at an escape room in Taunton, pre lockdown 2.0, of course - teamwork makes the dreamwork. It is clear to see that the company care about staff wellbeing and happiness, which is communicated frequently and shown as well.

Not only am I relishing the work that I am doing and the environment that I am working in, but I also love the variation of clients we work with and look forward to becoming more familiar with the people behind the websites, as well as the new clients we get to work with in the future! 

Posted on November 16th 2020

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