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What is Content Marketing?

The chances are you are already doing a little bit of content marketing. Have you ever made a ‘How To’ video? Or posted something on Social Media which isn’t directly related to your product? Then you’re already playing. Here’s some top tips on how to up your game.

Content Marketing

A type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

Why Should I Do Content Marketing?

Everyone else is doing it, we’re not saying follow the herd and be a sheeple, we’re saying they’re on to something. Back in the olden days with just print, TV and radio would churn out press releases and good news stories to try and get a little content in front of customers.

This isn’t a new tactic, but the internet has increased the presentation and delivery possibilities beyond what olden timers could have ever dreamed of.

There are so many examples of good content marketing, from the video cooking lesson using your utensil, ingredient or a recipe from your book to a downloadable PDF of how new technology can improve the efficiency of a workplace or home – establishing that your company is ahead of the tech game.

The real question isn’t why should you, it’s how can you.

How Do I Do Content Marketing?!


You must start with what people want to know. Think about your product or service and the questions people might have around the product. Here are some thinking points:

  • What do people research before they buy it?
  • How do people purchase it?
  • Is there a size/type/style that you can explain in detail?
  • How do they use it?
  • Why should they use it?
  • What are the product benefits that aren’t directly related to the product or service?
  • Does it need care, support or other products to work effectively?
  • Do they need to have faith in your company’s tech/software/cleanliness?

Can’t think of any questions based on all of that? Try this website and type in your product or niche, it will generate plenty of questions.

If you’re like us and you have too many questions and need help with priority, and you can run your questions through SEO software to get the number of searches for those questions so you know how interested people are in that topic.


Different questions and topics require different types of content to answer them. If you’re looking at stats, an infographic is a great way to layout that information. 'How to' questions are often best as videos. Here are some of the key ways to present your content:

  • Infographics
  • Text-based with images
  • Videos
  • Image-based with captions
  • Audio recording


Finally, how are you going to deliver this content to your potential customers? You can choose several of the below options, for example, any blog, vlog or image-based article can be hosted on your website and then shared via Social Media. The huge range of options include:

  • Blogs and Vlogs
  • Videos on 3rd party sites like YouTube
  • Going live on Social Channels
  • Posting on Social
  • Guest Blogs and Vlogs (on other people’s websites)
  • Podcasts

Hidden Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing doesn’t just engage your customers, it gives you something to say on Social Media without just sharing other people’s content and talking about the weather. It also helps you to avoid the hard sell, if all you talk about is sales and why your product is better than all the rest people will soon turn off.

Want your website to rank in Search Engines? The more content the better – Content is king is the motto of the SEO community. Additional inbound traffic to your website, even if they are previous customers looking for advice, looks good to Google, there’s a snowball effect where more traffic will gain you more traffic.

You can use the content for press releases, people might use snippets and then link back to your website, others are more likely to share your content across social than they are a blatant sales technique. Getting your company name infront of more people with an interest in your product or service area is always a good thing.

If you’re offering content which potential customers want to know then you're likely to increase sales, of course, but there are upsell opportunities for post-sales visits and retention benefits for repeat purchases too.

If you don't think your writing is up to scratch, read our guide to tackling horrible writing.

As always, if all this seems too difficult to make time for this marketing activity then get in touch and we can work on it for you. 

Posted on April 27th 2020

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