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Welcome To The Sonder Team Steve and Benjamin!

It feels like just yesterday that we were announcing that Sonder had taken on two new members of staff. In a serious case of deja vu, we have grown by two yet again...

Meet Steve and Ben: the newest additions to the Sonder team! 

Such a smiley, happy chap is our Steve

Steve Towells

Digital Marketing Executive 

We’ve been chasing Steve’s signature for a while now. He’s been crafting content for us for a while on a freelance basis and we’ve loved everything he has produced for our clients. Finally, the stars have aligned and Steve has signed on as our newest digital marketing executive. 

He’ll be injecting our clients’ social media and websites with some creative flair, breathing life into content and making webpages pop.

It seems that Sonder is in good company, as saying that Steve has an impressive portfolio would be an understatement. Steve has written for many industry-leading outlets such as Yahoo and Huffpost, and has also worked on promotional campaigns for The Sun, Sky Sports, The Daily Mirror, and EA Sports. We’re over the moon to welcome him on board, and look forward to seeing what fantastic content he creates. 

The man about town, our new PHP Developer Ben

Benjamin Oldenborg

PHP Developer

We’re equally as excited to welcome Ben into the team, joining us remotely from Denmark! Ben is the yin to Steve’s yang, as he is a highly skilled web developer, having studied both web developing and IT to college level. Ben is proficient in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS- for those who don’t speak code, Ben is a really smart cookie. 

Ben will be optimising our databases and CMS, ensuring that all of Sonder’s services continue to run like a well-oiled machine as we develop and improve our offering. We feel incredibly lucky to have such a variation of skills and talents across the entirety of our team. This menagerie of expertises allows us to approach any of our clients’ requests in a holistic way, covering all bases and catering to all needs of our clients when we are delivering the results that they aspire to. 

Welcome guys 🙌

Posted on May 18th 2021

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