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Perhaps you already own a website, but are looking for new developers? Maybe you're at the beginning of your online business journey?

The cornerstone of Sonder Digital is that if you can imagine an online product, we can build it. No matter how complicated. We can back that up with the our extensive portfolio of website design work and much more.

We've built internal CRM systems (customer record management) for a variety of clients; from recording studios to media buyers to insurance brokers.

We've built custom eCommerce platforms for kitchen designers, gadget retailers, bespoke garden furniture makers and Drum and Bass DJ's.

We've provided consultancy and technical advice for district councils, London boroughs and stand up comedians.

We build systems that automatically generate PDF files, invoices, CSV files, automated emails, and deal with taking recurring credit card payments.

We build systems that integrate with Amazon S3 storage buckets, deal with massive file uploads, and store data securely.

We build systems that you can build your business on.

We also endeavour to improve and develop our system and let our clients know when new functions are available that may be of interest. 

However big or small your project might be, whether it's a public-facing website, or a bespoke CRM or intranet system behind the scenes, sending us an email or picking up the phone to have a talk with us will help you in making the right decisions.

Posted on April 25th 2017

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