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Platform Updates: Google ReCAPTCHA for Added Layer of Security

Sonder Digital are pleased to be able to let our clients know about the integration of the latest Google ReCaptcha, rolled out across the platform to all users.

Providing state of the art spam protection and security for your website, it's described as a low fraction, effortless interaction for your users. 

Increased Security Google ReCaptcha

The ReCaptcha is a completely free service provided by Google, aimed at ensuring that the user is a human as opposed to a robot.

These so-called robots are rife on the internet, and tend to be the ones that send you spam emails as well as falsifying any tracking data.

The ReCaptcha uses an advanced risk analysis engine (you don't really need to know how it works) that stops automated software from engaging in these abusive activities on your website. 

The updated version provides a much smoother experience for customers using your site. The vast majority of the time, simply a click in the box is enough to determine that it's a human and not a bot.

It's likely you've already come across the newer iterations across the web. For example, a Captcha that provides nine individual, clickable tiles with images and, when they appear, you're typically prompted to click the image tiles where there are buses or traffic lights. Successful completion thus passes the Captcha.

We've updated all of our client websites with the new feature as part of the small monthly retainer that all our clients pay each month. We make updates to our system Envelope all the time, if they're big we often mention them on the blog, but be assured we're always working away in the background to keep your website up to date.

You can see this latest feature in action on any page that requires a contact form or the inputting of data from the user. Our commitment to staying on top of the latest updates and developments on the web means your website will constantly be evolving and improving - often without you even realising.

If you have any questions on the new ReCaptcha, get in touch and we'll gladly tell you more about it! 

Posted on January 16th 2017

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