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Sonder Digital Client Sees 400% Increase in Web Sales

Garry Toms Exercise DVD

Sonder client Garry Toms saw an increase in DVD sales of over 400% in comparison to the last year.

So what was the secret behind the success? The underused PPC (pay-per-click) platform of Amazon Advertising.

With organic SEO a long term project and Google AdWords (PPC) a costly and highly competitive environment, we suggested Amazon advertising as an alternative method to pushing Garry Toms Exercise DVDs out to a new audience.

Everyone knows Amazon. Virtually everyone uses Amazon as well. The e-commerce giant has unrivalled access to millions of searchers and crucially is a trusted platform for one-off purchases for the client's target demographic. 

We felt it was integral that Garry Toms was meeting his customers at every touchpoint possible, and with the website looking like another long term project we felt there was an untapped market on Amazon. Not only providing a new place to sell the products through, but utilising the Amazon Advertising PPC platform to reach their target audience as well.

With our vast experience in managing pay-per-click campaigns, we were confident there was potential for the DVDs to flourish.

The results were fantastic, particularly for Exercise for The Over 50's DVD which has seen sales increase by over 400% for the same time period last year. It's a great result and one we fully expect to continue flourishing. The project champions our belief that there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach for any business, the important thing is to be there where your customers want you, in whatever capacity that may be.

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Posted on March 10th 2017

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