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How to Create a Content Strategy to Win Hearts and Blow Minds

From identifying your business goals to pinpointing your audience, here’s a helpful guide to creating a knockout content strategy.

content strategy

The basics of creating a content strategy

  1. Establish goals
  2. Get to know your audience
  3. Review existing content
  4. Choose your content type
  5. Brainstorm content ideas
  6. Publish and manage your content

Whether you’ve just started assembling the building blocks of a content strategy, or you already have a seemingly watertight plan in place—it’s never a bad idea to reevaluate, refine and revamp your processes to make sure your online marketing is working as best it can for you and your business.

Your customers will be forever receptive to informative and engaging content, and no matter how successful you think your output is, there’s always room for improvement.

So, let’s dive into the weeds, folks, and establish what exactly a content strategy is, why your business should never leave home without one, and figure out exactly how to devise your marketing master plan.

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What is a content strategy?

No better place to start. A content strategy is, no surprise, a strategy which aims to harness the power of audio, visual and written media to hit your business and SEO objectives. A successful content strategy will locate and engage with your target audience at each step of the marketing journey and keep them invested in your business even after a purchase.

If you’re a new company, you might think that a content strategy would rank pretty low on the list of essential ingredients for long-term success. Au contraire, mon ami. The reality is that by producing absorbing, high-quality content, you can build invaluable trust bridges between you and your target audience— strengthen that all-important brand-consumer bond in the process.

Before embarking on your content strategy journey, it’s important to ask yourself some fundamental questions that will go a long way in informing the structure of your plan:

  • Who is your target audience? 

  • What problems are you trying to solve for them?

  • What makes your brand unique?

  • What content formats will you use?

  • What channels will you publish on?

  • How will you manage content creation and publication?

Now, let's get specific. How on earth do I create a content marketing plan?

Establish your goals

So many questions, but this one’s key. What are your business objectives for developing a content marketing plan? Why do you want to produce content and create a content marketing plan?

Establishing your intent is vital before you begin planning, and will simplify the task of putting together a successful strategy.

persona research

Get to know your audience

To render an effective, content strategy, it’s important to first clearly define the target of your content. By establishing your audience persona, you can tailor your content to you can tailor your content for the people you want to reach. 

There’s no use filling blog posts with millennial-friendly cultural references and memes if your target customer base is predominantly retired professionals looking for high-end garden furniture. Your strategy will have fallen at the first hurdle if your content isn't relevant or doesn’t appeal to your customers.

Review existing content

The most common feature of a content strategy, particularly for a new business, is blog posts. To ensure you’re covering the right topics, however, or if you want to branch out into new formats, you might choose to run a content audit. This is an effective method of assessing your top-performing and lowest-performing content—data you can use to inform which direction to take next.

For those business that already have a blog on their website, a content audit will help tighten your strategy. You can then determine what resonates best with your audience, utilise keyword research, pinpoint gaps in relevant topics, and brainstorm fresh new content ideas. This will also give you the foundations for an ongoing content review of your blog output, ensuring all your pages are still relevant, high-quality, and useful to your audience.

typewriter and quill

What type of content do you want to create?

In today's hyper-connected world, the approach of simply rattling out endless reams of blog  posts becomes less and less relevant.  There are now a wealth of tools and opportunities available to create engaging written and visual content to make your business stand out.

There are a myriad of content types to choose from to entertain, educate and inspire your audience. From infographics, newsletters, unique landing pages, step-by-step instructions and user guides, videos, FAQ pages, competitions and promotions…the list of creative ways to connect with your audience is endless. 

Your decisions will be governed by the success or failures of each format you trial, and the likelihood of your audience being receptive to the media presented.

Brainstorm, publish and manage your content

Once you’ve brainstormed your ideas for content, it’s time to put your marketing plan into action. This should go beyond the types of content you'll create – it should also cover how you'll organize your content.

With the help of a content calendar, you'll be able to create a well-balanced and diverse content library on your website, ensuring everything you publish is relevant, on brand, and hitting all those essential SEO-friendly keyword markers.

The more your strategy grows and develops, it's a good idea to organise all your content ideas into a spreadsheet to create structure for the many threads of your plan. Include tabs and linking pages, note all your keyword research, and make checklists for all the media you've published. This will give you a tangible grip on your content strategy and enable your plan to remain effective in the long term.

How can we help?

Devising a winning content strategy can seem like a daunting task, and there’s certainly no quick solutions to creating an effective plan. 

With the help of our expert team of digital marketers, however, with plenty of experience and know-how in the field, we can formulate a content strategy that works for you and your business. Why not drop us a line?

Posted on February 6th 2023

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