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Envelope is Evolving

We're always making updates to our Content Management System, 'Envelope', and recently we've added a few client-facing upgrades.

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You may have noticed that our CMS has asked you to change your password.

We've improved the security of our system by forcing a password change for all of our customers, in a move to help strengthen the way in which we keep your password and other sensitive information safe.

One thing remains the same, just as before we can’t see your password and only you know what it is. 

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In addition to some recent security changes, we’ve restructured and re-designed the way in which our powerful CMS, Envelope, reads and interprets its source code.

This allows for quicker page loading times and gives us the opportunity to make this even faster in the future. 

You will see some performance improvements on your website in the coming months.

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What next?

You don't need to do a thing. These background website platform updates effect how your website loads and its security, not how it looks or functions. 

If you'd like to take full advantage of improved speed possibilities get in touch and we can review your website design to ensure nothing else is slowing you down. 

Posted on January 31st 2021

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