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Jack Turner  •  Marketing Manager

As part of a new blog series, we're pulling back the digital curtain and introducing you to some of the talented, hard-working team here at Sonder.

From SEO specialists, marketing experts, lead designers, developers and crack technical teams, content writers, and social media specialists, you'll eventually meet them all—and, hopefully, gain a bit of insight into how their dedicated efforts help your online business fly.

Today, we're chatting with marketing manager extraordinaire, Jack Turner. Let's get into it:

Jack Marketing Manager

Hi Jack! Could you tell me a little bit about your role at Sonder?

Happily! I’m a marketing manager which covers quite a lot of digital marketing activities. Primarily focusing on PPC advertising, SEO and website design. As well as managing client relations with various clients!

What does a normal working day look like for you?

Very varied! Each day is different. One day I can be solely looking and focusing on PPC campaigns and strategies, the next I’m designing a website!

What aspect of your job do you enjoy most?

All of it. I work with a fantastic team and love the work I do. Dream job. If I had to pick out of the workload though, it would have to be managing and perfecting my PPC craft and design work!

Can you tell me about one of the projects you’re working on at the moment—anything you’ve found particularly rewarding or challenging?

I’ve found a few of the design projects I’ve worked on recently particularly rewarding. Working on the design and CRO of a dated website springs to mind, I’m really looking forward to tracking the impact of those design tweaks long term!

You manage a good number of accounts at Sonder. How important is communication with your clients—both face-to-face and digitally—to ensure you’re providing the best possible service?

It’s one of the most important aspects of the job. Speaking to clients and letting them know the state of play is essential when it comes to the job. We can be achieving remarkable results, but if the client isn’t aware, did it even happen?

What are three things would you say are the key to a successful remote-working environment?

Comfort, trust and the environment - surprisingly, working from home with a 1-and-a-half-year-old is far less distracting than an office! I wouldn’t have believed it either until in practice!

"We can be achieving remarkable results, but if the client isn’t aware, did it even happen?"

What is the one piece of software or app you could not live without?

Asana. Keeping track of projects and upcoming work is made significantly easier with a tool like Asana.

Can you describe your work-at-home office for us? Apart from your computer set-up, what is a non-negotiable item on your desk?

The latest addition has to be the height-adjustable desk! At a press of a button, I’m standing. Which beats sitting down all day considerably. Aside from that, some good wireless headphones to ensure you’re not dragging your laptop when you leave the office.

What hidden talent do you have that the rest of the team might not know about?

I feel like the rest of the team has been unfortunate to witness a lot of my hidden talents. I can juggle, play guitar poorly, along with far too many other useless ‘skills’!

Tea, coffee, or none of the above?

Coffee. Any other answer is wrong. We’re not talking instant either - the real stuff!

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Posted on October 31st 2023

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