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We're thrilled to announce that we have finally found the time to enter an award, and we've won - TWO.

Most Innovative Online Marketing Firm 2020 - South West England


Today we’re delighted to announce that we have won TWICE at the Southern Enterprise awards! 

We've never entered an award process before, the application is quite time consuming, but 2020 has been such a strange one and the company has gone from strength to strength - so we decided it was time. 

We're so pleased to have been awarded in two categories, as the most innovative online marketing firm in the South West AND a distinction award for client service excellence from the SME news

The business is growing at an exciting rate with our headcount now rising to 6 (maximum group limit anyone?). With the majority of our clients being South West based, we felt it was important to enter some awards that were locally based, we don't intend to compete with the huge London marketing agencies, we're a local company with people at it's heart so keeping things local seemed to fit. 

Rob Fellingham, Marketing Director at Sonder said: “we’re so pleased with these awards, they really reflect what we as a business strive towards, innovative thinking and client satisfaction.”

Some notes on the award categories from SME News:

Most Innovative Online Marketing Firm 2020 - South West England 

Innovation is vital for any business seeking to be ahead of emerging market trends and offer its clients the cutting-edge solutions they expect, and as such SME News is eager to find and reward those businesses really doing their bit to innovate and adapt to the latest market developments.

Distinction Award for Client Service Excellence 2020

In today’s technical age where consumers can easily rate and rank businesses, client satisfaction has become a key part of any corporate strategy. As such, we are keen to reward those businesses that make a real effort to give their clients the quality of support and service they expect.

Posted on December 4th 2020

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