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6 Tips for  Supercharging Your Call To Actions

A call to action (CTA) is a website design element, typically in the form of a button or link, that encourages the user to take a specific journey on your website. It's a critical feature of digital marketing, one that guides users towards a desired action—anything from making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or contacting the company.

To paraphrase Ron Burgundy: they’re kind of a big deal.

Here are some quick tips to supercharge your CTAs:

creating content

Choose blogs not banners

There was a time when banner ads ruled the digital marketing airspace. In 2023, however, embedding CTAs as anchor text in blog posts has proven to be a much more effective approach for increasing conversion rates. If there’s one thing Google values, it’s integrating links seamlessly and organically into content, which ultimately makes for a more engaging experience for your audience.

Custom CTAs FTW

Personalised content shouldn’t stop at blog posts or landing page copy—it’s also possible to impart your brand voice into calls-to-action. In fact, studies show that customised CTAs can convert up to 42% more visitors than their generic familiars. Tailoring your CTA to resonate with your specific target audience, using compelling action words can significantly enhance your conversion rates. Think learn more about our product or sign up for free rather than the vanilla click here.

Buttons increase engagement

While embedding CTAs into your on-page content is a perfectly effective approach, nothing says ‘click me’ like a well-designed button. Likely due to their visibility and ease of identification, button-style CTAs will increase click rates considerably. Remember, the design of your CTA, including its shape, colour, and style, plays a crucial role in attracting user engagement.

What's the worst that could happen?

Add an arrow!

Here’s a stat. Adding an arrow icon to the end of your CTA button can result in a 26% increase in clicks. This simple yet effective design element guides the users' eyes and makes abundantly clear the action you want them to take; the perfect combination of visual appeal and clarity.

Keyword-optimised CTAs

Using keyword research to optimise your CTAs can increase conversion rates. Understanding the language and phrases your audience uses in their searches allows you to craft CTAs that resonate more effectively.

The colour of conversion

Red CTAs outperform green ones. While there’s no definitive reason to suggest why this is the case, it's thought that the colour red might create a sense of urgency. Despite red’s engagement dominance, it's crucial to test various colours to find what best aligns with your brand and audience preferences.

How can we help?

Interesting stuff. By paying close attention to the design, placement, wording, and personalisation of your CTAs, you can significantly enhance your engagement and conversion rates, driving your digital marketing success to new heights. Want to find out more? Why not get in touch.

Posted on November 14th 2023

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