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5 Ways to Transform Your Copywriting

Content Writing Tips from Open Door Internet

Have you been tasked with writing some engaging copy for a website, blog, article or social media post and are struggling with the task? Help is at hand! Read on to discover our top five writing tips, picked to ensure your content is exactly what your customers are looking for.

1. Plan what you're going to say

Make a list of the USPs (unique selling points) of your product and business. What is it about you that makes you stand out from the rest? Why should people buy from you and not the competition? Keep the points brief and make sure each one is different. Obviously, each business is a little different, but typical USPs include being: cheaper; higher quality; more reliable; honest; innovative; offering a discount or guarantee.

2. Think about your audience

Who are your customers? What sort of copywriting content is most likely to appeal to them? For example, if you are a B2B enterprise, your audience is going to want a different approach to a homeowner or consumer.

3. Get your format right

A basic format for a successful piece of website content involves the use of an introduction; a main body of text; and a conclusion.

(i) The introduction

The introduction needs to be relatively short and contain a summary of what you're going to say.

(ii)The text body

This should put across the key points you want to convey: remember that less is more - it's better to keep things simple.

(iii) The conclusion

The conclusion normally contains a couple of "wraparound" sentences which summarise the key benefits of using your service. At the end of a web page or other content, it is usual to put a "call to action": this invites the reader to find out more / call / get in touch or undertake some other form of positive behaviour.

4. Check your spelling and grammar

If you're not confident of your spelling and grammar skills, get someone else to check it for you. Well-written copy is essential!

5. Re-read your content to check you've got your message across

It can be helpful to ask one or two colleagues or friends to read it through as well, to see if they can relate to what you've said.

Try these tips for your next piece of copy and see the difference they make!

Posted on February 27th 2019

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