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5 Top Takeaways From Brighton SEO

If you're wondering why your SEO reports are a little later this month, we have the perfect excuse reason - it's Brighton SEO time!

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The most exciting time of the year for an SEO, this bi-annual conference that would usually be held in Brighton, but this year was held online because of the 'rona.

We're not bragging, but we have helped a lot of clients achieve things online they never thought possible, be it sales, leads or brand recognition. 

This doesn't happen by magic, we've spent a combined 4 decades in the wild honing our craft, but the learning must continue. 

We wholeheartedly believe in continuous professional development, not only because you can never know everything, but in the world of digital what was everything yesterday is old news today. 

Digital marketing is a constantly moving topic, with new tools and tactics being used all the time. We love the challenge of staying ahead of the rest, so conferences like Brighton SEO are right up our street. 

Our Top 5 Takeaways from BrightSEO

Chief nerds Rob Fellingham and Becky Cockman watched hours of fantastic SEO talks from world-renowned geeks - here are a few of the most interesting things we thought our clients could relate to. 

  The Benefits of Being a Small Fish in a Big Pond

Punching above your weight in SEO, when you're a small business with a small budget, has its advantages.

When you start your SEO when your business is small you can be dynamic and get the fundamentals in place rather than struggling later down the line.

The bigger sites are always going to be constrained by how many large scale changes they can make. Small sites can use it as a chance to be reactive and look for niche opportunities to compete with the big guns.

Stakeholder Buy-In

As a small business, you have fewer people to answer to and more flexibility to invest into SEO from the outset. That level of flexibility is crucial in small business or small-budget SEO. 

The changes made are smaller, and often easier to break down and explain to stakeholders. You can take them with you on the SEO journey right from the beginning.


Starting out with tools early on means a smaller adjustment period, and some of the time management tools displayed at the conference could really help you keep an eye on where the biggest drain on your main resource is.

With many teams still working from home, helping them in managing their time is a whole different challenge when you're not in the same office. There're some great tools available (both free and paid) for both agencies like us and businesses like yours that help you stay on track.

There is nothing more valuable than your time, time is money as they say, and keeping track of it without assistance is a pretty difficult task. 

You Don't Have to Outrun the Tiger, Just the Other Guy

A discussion with some key players at Google illustrated a key point a few times, you're not trying to trick Google or game their algorithm, you're just trying to outrun your competition for your niche or industry.

The algo update on Page Speed, for example, makes you think the faster your website the better, right? Wrong. An empty page would be the fastest and that won't rank for anything. For the keyword you're targeting, you need to be faster than the other pages targeting that keyword. You just have to outrun the other guy.

Numbers and Stars

Consumers respond to the number of reviews as well as the star rating of your reviews. It's strange but true. So if you're displaying your review star score then you should also show the number of reviews you've gathered!

Google Analytics on Tablet

Every Day's a School Day

It doesn't matter how long you've been doing whatever it is you're up to, you can always learn something more. 

Looking at things from a new perspective and thinking outside the box on tasks you've been mindlessly doing for years is a dream come true. 

If you're not sure what you can do differently or fancy talking it over with someone on the outside then give us a call, we are full of ideas. 

Posted on October 5th 2020

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